Life has a funny way of throwing things at you.

The Unmask program gives you the tools and confidence to be prepared for anything. Unleash your inner cheerleader and silence your inner critic.

If you struggle to find 2 hours out of 168, to work on yourself, you need this program more than you realise.

By dedicating up to 2 hours a week, you will establish a healthy life/work balance, be financially stable, be in control of your life and healthier relationships with yourself and others around you.

“Some people live their whole life wondering if they made a difference in the world. [My clients] don’t have that problem.” Chad E Cooper - Founding Coach

Chad E. Cooper is a leading life and self-development coach, who has coached high performing CEO’s, entrepreneurs and athletes. His greatest passion is sharing the tools and principles he’s discovered on his own journey to living a Legendary Life. Chad’s experience has been funnelled into a proven system that has allowed thousands of people to live the life they desire. You too can live a Legendary Life.

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This programme has given me the foundation and framework to play with my life. The strength of us as a collective unit was also important to me as the people in the community have become some of my greatest friends. This programme is also a place where you can be both inspired and uplifted.

Since joining the unmask program back in March 2020 I have paid off my personal debt, doubled the size of my business, and live a healthier and happier life. The time management tools have improved every part of my life, I no longer feel pressure from endless to-do lists, as everything has allocated time in my diary. My business used to consume my life; now it is a fun part of it.

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Here’s how it works

The Unmask Program provides you will the tools and knowledge to unlearn bad habits, challenge your inner critic and learn fundamental life skills.

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Your life tomorrow is defined by the choices
You make today.

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