How long does it take to complete the Unmask program?

The key thing to bear in mind is that the program itself is more of a journey than a destination. It should be a continuous program, otherwise the journey stops. It’s a voyage of evolution, versus a one and done type of program. We recommend that people repeat aspects of this program on an on-going basis, to keep evolving and improving.

The program is broken up into 12 modules and we recommend you address one per week, to stay motivated, inspired and to create lasting transformation. This in mind, our minimum recommendation to complete the program is three to six months. As you progress through the program, you will recognise the benefits of our dynamic system. The circular nature of the program allows you to continue on with the program for as long as you feel is necessary. Success in our program is achieved through consistency and persistence. Many members complete the 12 modules over the course of a year, but as testimonials show, some people continue on with the program for three or four years. The reason for this is that once you start seeing success, you want to continue. Just like in fitness, you achieve mile-markers and you go from survival to stability. You see what’s possible and leap from stability to success. We recommend that you return to completed modules and take them to the next level. Plus, because you’ve got a community of like-minded people helping you on your journey, you continue to achieve success after success, and you create transformation. This is a lifestyle that becomes legendary.

What is the cost of the Unmasking program?

We invite you to consider the Unmasking program as an investment rather than a cost or an expense. How quickly you get a return on that investment is entirely up to you. What we typically see is that within six months you’ll have a massive return on that investment. However much you spend on your program membership will exponentially reward you in other areas of your life. We invite you to change the terminology because language matters. This is about investment and its ability to transform your life.

Our goal is to make this program accessible to anyone who’s committed to transforming their life. There are certain people who need more assistance or more one-on-one support and so the membership prices reflect this. We have different levels of membership, depending on how much support and one-on-one assistance you might need. Click here for pricing or speak with one of our specialists.

What is the cancellation policy?

The Unmask program has an 100% money-back guarantee over 30 days. If you’re not seeing progress by that point, we will refund you. However, we do require that you put in the work required within those 30 days and fully immerse yourself in the program. Failure to do so means that we would be unable to issue a refund. We need you to give the program its chance to work, and for you to do the work.

Why is this program so much more successful than all the others that are out there today?

There are three main aspects that makes this program a standout success. One is a framework of community. Second is the skill set. And the third is our unique formula. Many of the programs out there are just regurgitated from other people’s material. The Unmask program is the result of Chad Cooper’s lived experience and success.

What also makes us different is that we don’t define one particular path to success. We’ve engineered into the program the freedom for people to take different paths and reach their own definition of success. We leave it to you to create that destination. There are markers along the way that will allow you to reach that goal and to succeed where others fall apart.

As a member, you’ll see that community is a huge part of our success. We place great importance on not just receiving but in contributing too. The Unmask community itself can deliver solutions for each other. Giving and receiving to and from each other is what leads to lasting success for us all. For example, success in martial arts is all about giving and receiving. Successful martial artists recognize that half of getting their black belt is actually teaching and contributing. You learn much more through giving. In the Unmask program, we’re looking for people who want to come in and contribute their time and energy and have an elevated peer group. In return they’ll receive success back tenfold.

How much time should I be putting into the program?

We would suggest putting in anywhere from an hour and a half to two hours a week for the homework itself, while executing that homework throughout the entire week. Depending on the calibre of your goals, it’s an open-ended answer. Of the 168 hours we have in a week, we would expect you to be putting your work into action during many of those. We are looking for full immersion – we really do want you to commit to your own success because we know that this is what results in a Legendary Life.

Where should I begin with the 12 roles?

We will give you guidance on where to begin, by way of an assessment. If you’re looking for a fully customised plan or a private coach, get in touch.

Is there a breakdown of what will be covered or a curriculum?

Yes, see the program breakdown here.

Who is Chad Cooper?

Throughout his life, Chad Cooper has continuously raised the bar and pushed himself to be the very best he can be. His greatest passion is sharing the principles he’s discovered to help others shatter the status quo and live the life they were born to live.

Chad coaches a wide variety of high achievers such as athletes, entrepreneurs, CEO’s and retirees to break through barriers and unmask themselves to discover their unique purpose and integrate it into every area of their life.