12 areas of life

We believe that there are 12 areas that need to work together in balance and harmony to succeed in living a Legendary Life. At the beginning of your journey into Unmasking these areas could be working against each other, be off-kilter or quite simply ignored.

The Unmask program will help you address these 12 key areas of life and teach you the tools, give you the support and community to remove learned habits, rebuild new habits and repeat these new habits to embed them.

Together as a community we work through the 12 sessions for each area of your life, this is different from other life coaching or self development programs as we ensure that you work on yourself holistically to find true balance.

If one part of you life is going well and the other areas are not your star will be off-kilter and not be able to keep turning smoothly.

What are these 12 areas of life?

  1. Spiritual – This is the degree of connection to something bigger than yourself, the planet, or the universe.
  2. Intellectual – Your ability, use and capacity for critical thinking and reading, research, writing, and human self-reflection about society. Chief guided by the intellect rather than by emotion or experience.
  3. Body – Your physical health and well-being. Proper care of our bodies for optimal health and functioning.
  4. Relationships- Includes your primary intimate relationship, family, and friends. The degree of alignment in values, character, interest, and love for others.
  5. Community – Your degree of interaction among community or group interactions.
  6. Mind – Degree of self-esteem, self-love, self-discipline and equally for others to achieve mental well-being. The capacity for choosing when to refrain vs react.
  7. Money – Your ability to manage your money effectively, save, budget and invest.
  8. Work – The ability to earn an income to sustain a standard of living that is stable or successful.
  9. Creativity – Your capacity for the arts, sciences, understanding the difference among communities or areas of the world.
  10. Entertainment – the ability to plan and prioritize time for playfulness for the sake of fun and entertainment value, regularly.
  11. Happiness – Your ability to celebrate and acknowledge, either privately or publicly, a big or small happy event.
  12. The capability and capacity to serve and benefit beyond yourself.


What areas in your life of your life are you happy with?

What areas in your life are non-existent?

What areas are taking over other parts of your life?


The tools we teach you on the Unmask Program will allow all these areas to live and work happily and in harmony with each other. Your life will be fulfilled, and you will learn to be your true self and reach your true potential.