Can people see your purpose?

One of the most common and natural pursuits throughout all of existence is man’s search for meaning. The age old philosophical question, “Why am I here?” can be found in all religions, ancient texts, and all the great novels and blockbuster hits.

We want our life to have purpose, to mean something, to leave a mark or legacy on the world… and yet these questions are the most difficult to answer. What is my purpose? Why am I here? What does this all mean? If you have ever asked yourself any of these questions, we can assure you that you are not alone.

We often miss the mark when we think about our purpose because we tend to believe our purpose is something we are meant to do, rather than something that points to who we are and how we want to feel. A recent study surveyed people to determine their perceived level of self-awareness versus their real levels of self-awareness. 95% of individuals in the study reported they were self-aware, when in reality only 10-15% actually were self-aware.

What does this mean in context of discovering and living out your purpose? The vast majority of us may think we know what our purpose is or why we’re here, but in reality, when our purpose is attached to our ego and points to what we do, we’ve actually got it backwards.

Have you ever associated your life purpose with your career? Have you ever felt dissatisfied because you weren’t living out your purpose in your career, yet felt obligated to stay in order to provide for yourself or your family? Or perhaps you enjoy your career, but you feel in order to live out your true purpose you need to learn a new skillset, or master something in a different area. So, you’re unable to live out your purpose now because you’re in an in-between stage.

In these times you may look for other opportunities to fill your plate, more things to do, in order to live out your purpose. Because at the end of the day, each and every one of us should be able to feel completely fulfilled in every area of our life and have the financial means to support ourselves and our family and create a life that is truly legendary. So how do we get there?

The critical piece in discovering my purpose and reaching fulfillment in every area of my life has been realizing that my purpose isn’t something that I simply do, it’s a reflection of who I am and my core values. The truth is, we can do anything in our lives and live out our purpose so long as we do it from a place of living out our core values. The opportunities we take in our lives are simply the vehicles for living those out. The two critical questions then are, what do you value? And when are you blocking the time on your calendar to live out those values?

Let’s look at an example… how many of you get home at the end of your day and think, “Boy I’m exhausted – I don’t have the energy to (fill in the blank)…” so you run through the drive thru, turn on the TV, fall asleep, and wake up to do it all over again the next day?

Are you honoring your values in this part of your day? If you want an incredible relationship with your spouse, are you blocking your time in your calendar every day showing this is a priority?

If you want financial abundance, are you blocking the time to make those extra calls to enroll a prospect and bring in revenue?

If you want gratitude and joy, are you blocking the time to celebrate throughout your day?

If you want a deep and profound relationship with your higher calling, is there time for spiritual practices in your calendar? How are you spending your time during the week?

If you truly know your purpose, how much time are you committing every single week to living out those principles?

Looking at living out your purpose from this angle is a game changer, and it does take work. It takes self-awareness. In order to make the shift, I’d like to offer these five guiding principles:

  1. Change the focus rather than the vehicle
  2. Build the muscle – if the vehicle needs to change, find the tools and build the muscle to make the change
  3. Measure your progress – this is going to take time. Have systems in place to celebrate the milestones so you can see how far you have come
  4. Align yourself and your actions to your core values and purpose
  5. Find and build a strong community that fills you up and gives you the courage to keep going when things get rough

We have worked with hundreds of individuals – from multi-millionaires, to entrepreneurs, to professional athletes – and the ones who succeed are the ones who know their core values and purpose and reflect both in their calendar. They have a strong foundation to stand on when things get tough, which inspires them to dig deep and choose to pick up that book or make that call when they’d rather check out because they feel exhausted in the moment.

So, our final question is this – what is the life you are going to create? What is the legacy you are going to leave? Is it rooted in doing more? Or is your purpose grounded in your core values, creating a strong foundation to live out your purpose regardless of the vehicles you choose?

Our purpose is to reflect the magnificence of each of you to remember that you are enough because you are not your title or your paycheck; you are not the kind of customers you have or whether you woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

You are a magnificent human being who is here to do something great for the world, and completely love yourself through the process. Make the shift from getting caught up in the anxiety of doing more to prove your worth and align your core values with your actions to create a meaningful life of living your purpose in every moment of every day.

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