Is Now Really the Time to Unmask?

Should you be unmasking in the time of COVID, when masking is strongly suggested?

Wearing material, physical masks is all about having the intelligence to first recognise, second decide and third, act. We need to realise that with COVID, it’s not all about us. Wearing a mask is not about protecting ourselves, it’s about having the consideration that we aren’t passing on a toxicity and a virus to others. It’s a material and physical matter that requires us to use common sense, to use trust while verifying facts, and to understand our human condition, people’s fear and the real danger that the virus prevents. We know that the vast majority of people, if they get the virus, will recover. It’s the people who are high risk that we need to protect. Just like with climate change, we have a responsibility to be good stewards. We don’t need to have endless conversations around climate change and if it is real or false. We have a responsibility to the Earth either way – a responsibility to be stewards to ourselves and to others simultaneously. We need to change the conversation from an “either or” perspective and instead recognize that the way forward is through “yes and” responsibility. Yes, I can and should consider others while also considering my own needs.

Unmasking our personalities and our fears is a separate issue entirely and one that is about personal pain and suffering. The illusionary masks we wear are typically about F.E.A.R., a false emotion appearing real. It’s not typically real, physical danger, like COVID. We have to understand that when there’s real danger, we need to change our behaviour and adapt quickly, whether that’s through wearing masks, or something else. If we don’t take immediate action, we may be in big trouble. In those situations, we have to take action, and then verify that the actions were in fact a good decision; consider the emotions it created, the meaning we give to it and whether we should continue to focus on it. If it’s a false emotion appearing real, then we need to reverse this. We need to first look more closely at what we’re focusing on, then at the meaning we’re giving it and the emotions it creates. So, while the press and social media draw our attention to look at a virus and articulate the emotions and challenges it creates, what about the masks we wear emotionally and project out into the world? We hide behind those masks, trying to suppress our emotions and project false illusions. That has an effect on our cortisol and health, our stress levels, our minds health, our spirits, and our relationships.

In both cases, it comes down to healthy decisions. One is about the material, about protecting ourselves and others from a virus, while the other is about our mental and spiritual state. So, should we be doing both right now – wearing a material mask while unmasking our mental masks? Yes, we should. It’s not about ‘either, or’, it’s about ‘yes and’.

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