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What Is Offshore Software Development & Why Its Important For Your Business?

What Is Offshore Software Development & Why Its Important For Your Business?

By outsourcing these software requirements to another company, you’re sharing the workload. This allows your offshore development team to focus on the software while you focus on scaling your organization. Onshore software development means your partner company is located within your country. This way, it is approachable, mobile and adaptable to any changes, as well as offers better control. For example, in the USA onshore development would be a company from one state hiring a team from any other state.

What is Offshore Software Development

They also have fifteen years of experience and a Bay Area headquarters along with a Latin American dev team. Your digital experience is your business, so your cloud
solutions and infrastructure must be aligned with your objectives for maximum
reliability, flexibility, and scalability. Human-centered design isn’t a buzzword; it’s a critical approach
to designing digital experiences that engage your customers and
earn their trust and loyalty.

Lower operational costs

Offshore software development is a business process wherein a company delegates all or a portion of its development projects to a third-party service provider. Essentially, companies send their in-house workload to either an external company or a team overseas. The first type of organisations lack software expertise and require competent developers to maintain and build their technology. The second already have in-house development teams but want to scale up to take on more significant contracts, deliver more value to users or outpace their competitors. A skilled efficient team is one of the most essential requisite for outsourcing your development work.

  • You can resolve these issues with productivity managing software like Time Doctor.
  • Websites like Clutch, LinkedIn, and GoodFirms are perfect places to find an offshore development company.
  • Offshore software development services help you scale your business without much hassle.
  • Though in the past, India, China, and other Asian countries were top dogs in the offshore software development industry, as of late many have directed their attention to Latin America.
  • Here’re two essential reasons that help you to decide when to hire offshore developers.
  • However, if the cost implications exceed your budget limits, you should explore other affordable alternatives or suspend development while sourcing the required resources.

If your engagement with an offshore team creates the risk of failing to meet the desired objectives, it is advisable to consider other better alternatives. There are so many things that can go wrong, and when they do, the results can be disastrous. When this happens, it seems a good idea to consider investing in a reliable offshore firm. It is the most outsourced service because it is cheaper to outsource than maintain an in-house web development team.


When it comes to expanding your IT development team, Romania has been increasingly popular, and no wonder! The problem is that you can’t put a price on customer service, and so it’s worth finding an outsourcing company that offers reasonably good support as a bare minimum. First, you need to decide whether it is a project that you just need to develop quickly and cheaply or a project that a whole business will be revolved around. Consequently, you will know what requirements an outsourcing agency should meet. And if you have questions about hiring offshore developers, you can always ask us. Offshore developers can bring a fresh perspective to your project, and they’re often more affordable than working with domestic firms.

What is Offshore Software Development

In fact, a small IT team of very highly skilled offshore developers like in Newwave Solutions will be more effective than a larger team of average developers. Also, if your offshore team starts growing in size, split it into multiple ones and choose team leads for each to get the required accountability, visibility, clarity, and focus on the development process. With offshore software development, you can have the ability to access a vast pool of talented and experienced software engineers with higher international standards and quality.

What to Look for in the Right Offshore Software Development Company?

These teams usually work on projects from different industries and are always in touch with the latest technologies and frameworks. Offshore software development comes with a plethora of benefits that make it a go-to option for big corporations, small and medium-sized companies, and startups around the globe. It not only helps businesses reduce their offshore software development operational costs but gives them the possibility to grow and scale fast when needed. The offshore custom software development market is developing by leaps and bounds, and more companies are looking for ways to get the most of it. That’s why you may hear different terms describing engagement models between clients and software development providers.

What is Offshore Software Development

With structured programming, alternatively called modular programming, code is readable and there is leeway for reusable components, which most developers find helpful. Some of the biggest comforts of an accelerated TTM is a competitive advantage in the market as well as a timelier return on investment for your software product. Whether you need a full product, consulting, tech investment or an extended team, our experts will help you find the best solutions.

High-quality products

Last but not least, we value excellent communication and support throughout the project’s life cycle. This ensures that our partners’ requirements are understood, and the project is delivered as per their expectations. The last thing you want to do is trust your hiring process to someone with no technical ability. If you are a non-technical manager looking to learn a thing or two, we have a great resource here for you to learn more about the hiring process in detail.

What is Offshore Software Development

When people think about software development they think of some big names who all fall into a certain image. This image isn’t bad, per se, but software development transcends this image, especially in the context of offshore software development. At the same time, hold the team accountable for problems and roadblocks they cause during the project. By regularly offering feedback, you’ll ensure they feel like they’re part of your team. That will, in turn, make them develop a sense of ownership of the project.

Everything You Need To Know About SaaS Application Development

This will provide you with useful and valuable information to help you make an informed decision before extending an offer letter to a developer. Offshore software development describes when a software development process takes place outside of the benefacting business party’s country of residence. This is closely related and often synonymous with outsourcing, which refers to obtaining goods or services from third-party providers that are not internally staffed.

Tell them about reached milestones and successes, especially the ones they’ve contributed to directly. In our experience, smaller teams of highly skilled software developers deliver better results than a large team. It’s easier to manage smaller teams, and communication is more streamlined, ensuring the project’s success. Remember that remote software developers don’t have the insight and access to your business. You need to provide guidance and remember that even if these developers are experienced, they still need to know your core business values and how the project will help you reach them. At Sunscrapers, we have a lot of experience collaborating with offshore clients on software development projects.

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IOS, developed by Apple, and Android, developed by Google, are now the two most prevalent mobile operating systems. Apple’s mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, come with fundamental software already installed, such as a complete web browser and access to the Apple App Store. Android smartphones also come preinstalled with comparable applications, and the Google Play Store allows you to download and install more applications. Web developers, sometimes known as “devs,” accomplish this goal by employing a wide array of programming languages. The kinds of jobs that they are doing and the kinds of platforms that they are working on both have a role in determining the languages that they utilize. The process of developing and maintaining websites is known as web development.