What is Silent Setting in avast?

What is Silent Setting in avast?

What is quiet mode in avast?

Quiet Mode is a feature that enables gamers to pay attention to their gaming without being diverted by ant-virus notifications. The feature can be enabled in the options menu of the avast software and is customized to accommodate individual needs. This kind of feature is especially useful for computer system programmers and hackers whom function over the internet as it allows them to concentrate very own work without getting diverted by popups or notifications. The feature also enables them to do a have a look at or change the application although keeping the program using silence.

The avast option stop the display of texts during particular days while the software is running, including when disease definitions happen to be updated or perhaps when an incoming email has been scanned. This might interrupt full-screen applications, just like games, since Windows definitely will switch to common mode if the message is certainly displayed. It can also help reduce the risk of accidentally hitting a dangerous object, as the warning will be hidden.

To enable the characteristic, simply wide open the main avast window and click ‘Settings’ ‘Components’. Subsequent, select ‘Silent Mode’ and toggle the switch to about position. To disable the feature, simply click ‘Settings’ again and toggle the switch to off position. If the feature is disabled, all of the notification adjustments will be set back to their standard state and any applications avastforwindows.co/ which can be opened fully screen will be added to the Do Not Disturb Mode list again.